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I need a grammar nazy to proofread my research paper about education, it is about 40 pages.
since I am not a native English you may find some grammatical errors here and there mainly the tenses, all you have to do is to mark and correct the incorrect sentences, you may also give small notes if it is needed. you don't have to rephrase it.

I'll give you up to 500:points: for your help.
-if you finish it in less than 24 hours you get 300:points: more,
-so it is 800:points: in total.
-If you think it is too little you can tell me how much points that you need.

native English are preferable.
I am looking for voice actors(male&female) to read a few lines (monologue) for my animation.
the animation will be used to help non native English learners improve their listening ability.
so, I need someone who can voice act teenagers and able to pronounce each word clearly.

there are 4-8 text to read.
you'll get :points: for helping. up to 150:points: each text. will give you more if I like the result very much.

native English or have a native English voice.
able to record with decent tools (don't have to be super good quality)

if you are interested, please let me know your demo reel.
or you can just read this line for audition: "Last Sunday, My Uncle and I went to the beach to fish."
I'll give you some points for trying.

I am doing no project this month. currently busy with school task
my new paypal account has been closed again. :(
Western Union is good, but only a few people want to pay me through that service
I hope I can find much better way to get paid soon.

I am still busy this week,
currently working for this project
PM by kid-blue

if you have any good Idea to get paid, tell me and I may give you 200:points: if I use/like your Idea.

you can find my old request and commission info here >
hi, everybody,
I am rather busy right now, and will probably unavailable until the next one month.

my current projects/ my current commissions:
1. Hetalia fan game. status = pending (awaiting for the client to be active on the project)
Arthur by kid-blue
2. D**** C***** game (a rather secret project). status = WIP
D.C WIP by kid-blue

many other requests will be pending till I finish the D.C game. sorry

you can look my rate here >
point commissions under +2500:points: are closed ATM
$$$ commissions under 45$ are closed ATM

thanks & regards